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Jump Ropes: Sets

Get Lean Set (2020)
Burn fat, boost cardio, and build lean muscle...
30.500 KWD
Get Strong Set (2020)
Build strength and power with increased muscl...
43.000 KWD

Get Lean Ropes + Handles

Slim Handles (2020)
New re-designed (2020) Slim handles offer a c...
18.500 KWD
1/4 LB Jump Rope
The 1/4 LB jump rope is built for cardio and ...
6.500 KWD
1/2 LB Jump Rope
The 1/2 LB jump rope is built for more challe...
9.500 KWD

Speed LE Ropes

3 oz Speed Rope
The lightest weighted speed rope in our Speed...
6.500 KWD
6 oz Speed Rope
Add versatility to your speed and cardio work...
8.000 KWD

Jump Rope Mats + Accessories

Crossrope LE Mat
Limited edition jumping surface to protect yo...
27.500 KWD
Jump Rope Workout Bag
Carry your Crossrope jump ropes in style this...
9.500 KWD